Program Schedule - March 4, 2017


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Split Part 1 Short Documentary - Cottonwood Creek Charter School

Two schools, Cottonwood Creek in California and Bohermeen National School in Ireland create a short film together.

Art Over Darkness - Helene Dorn

A traumatized German film director must choose between conformity with Nazi power, or true art and a life of terror.

Blue - Jessica Foss

A mother and daughter visit a special place to say goodbye to a loved one.

Exodus Farms - Susan Echard

An emotional journey of kids in crisis connecting and bonding with horses. The film tells of one grandmother’s cry for her grandchildren’s safety. Out of desperation, she finds refuge for them on a farm filled with hope, love, and horses.

Survivorman High Adventure

Eight teenage boys from Redding embark on a high adventure survival trip to the Russian Wilderness of Northern California. Can they survive four days armed with only a knife, hatchet, emergency blanket, fishing pole, and water bottle?

Viva Cuba - Ron Reece

The photographs and videos assembled here were taken on a National Geographic Photography Tour to Cuba in April, 2016, weeks after President Obama visited seeking to normalize the U.S. relationship with our southern island neighbor.

Trial 47 - Luke Van Mol

A scientist in the field of teleportation is captured by terrorists. He must fight to ensure humanity is saved from his discoveries falling into evil hands.




The Clue - Kendall Bryant

A girl who lives a very ordinary life one day finds a mysterious note with an invitation to go on an adventure. She goes on a treasure hunt where she finds clues that lead her to different places, unraveling a mystery that turns out different than expected.

A Slice of Love - Christopher Parks

Romance is hard to find. Many believe the pursuit of it to be futile. What is not disputable is how great the idea of pizza is. So when Alec decides to covertly propose to his girlfriend, he uses pizza. Little did he know what strange events would develop on this very special day!

Red Balloons - Katelyn Alexander

A woman meets a mysterious stranger on a park bench to reexamine the past. But not everything is as it appears.

Dreams We Share - Evan Weidenkeller

During a dystopian civil war, two girls, in an abandoned house, discuss dreams and memories with each other while the ward draws in closer towards them.

Blindsided - Eric Jacobus

Blind man Walter Cooke ventures to his neighborhood corner store to buy some milk and apples for his special apple pie, but when mafia thugs try to shake down the store owner, Walter demonstrates what a trained blind martial artist is capable of.

Guess the Crime Show - Cynthia Strahan

At some point in our lives, we as TV audiences tend to feed into the drama, high stakes, and “whodunnit” of Crime TV. In these comedic interpretations, can you guess the crime show?

Squirrel - Christopher Parks

Jay, Alec, and Averey decide to leave the comfortable confines of their apartment to enjoy outside splendors of nature. Little did they know they were stupid for thinking that.

Runs in the Family - Matthew Thayer

A young woman discovers she may have a little more in common with her family than she may have thought.

The North Korean Chronicle - William Lascelles

In January of 2016, professional skier Sam Smoothy and director Will Lascelles ventured in to North Korea with skis and a camera. Their goal was to ski at the country’s newly built resort, Masikryong. This is their ‘North Korean Chronicle’.

I.F.A. - Colleen McShay

In this quirky comedy, a young woman describes her complicated relationship with her imaginary friend, a giraffe named Mel.

The Dunnigan Journals - Kevin Ernst

A short adventure film about Sean Douglas Dunnigan, a journalist who is struggling to find the plot of his first novel, when suddenly he is launched into a dangerous undertaking led by a mysterious beauty and an armed tracker to find a lost treasure hunter, an ancient medallion, and his own great story.

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